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"Tested Sentences That Sell"
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"Tested Sentences That Sell"
Free 10 Minute Tips To Help You Sell More Cars
The Early Trade Evaluation
12 minutes and 12 seconds on how to use the trade to build a profile of your customer. If you know how they bought last time they'll do the same this time.

There is no better way to "get on common ground" and "build rapport". Master this and double your income.
The Meet and Greet
In this 9 minute 37 second video I'll discuss what is without a doubt the most powerful greeting you can use. It will set you apart from all other sales people they may meet.

We'll not only talk about how to greet the customer with this "Tested Sentence That Sells" but WHY it is so powerful.
Objection Handling
Handling The Price Question
In this 11 minute 18 second video I'll discuss what objections are and how to identify the type of objection you have.
In this 7 minute 31 second video we'll cover how to handle the price question on the lot.

Satisfatorily handle the question and do it without giving a price.