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A Well Constructed Sales Process

A process engineered to maximize sales volume and profits
consists of the same steps as any other process. When
building a home the better quality of materials (tangible) and
craftsmanship (intangible) exhibited the higher the value is
perceived to be. This holds true in a sales process also.
A bottom line boosting sales process will differentiate your
dealership from others. What is said and done at key
moments in the process are the things that will set you apart.
Sell A Lot Of Cars, Make A Lot Of Gross, Don't Get The Dealer Sued.

Pretty simple requests, right?

Many of you checking this site are already doing it, but because you're a pro you're always looking for ways to do those three things just a little bit better.

Our sole focus is helping your dealership to acheive a higher level of success and we've been doing that and nothing but that for over 15 years. Small "tweaks" to your process will bring huge improvements in volume, gross and CSI.

If you are like my clients and interested in improving your bottom line, our process has been proven over and over to be the most customer friendly and profitable process in the industry. 

There's no risk and I'm a car guy so that means I'm working and available every day. For your sales people too. The number at the top of the page is my cell phone. Call me any time, any day.

There's a reason these guys stay. I'm pretty sure it's the money.

The video above is 1 minutes 44 seconds long and features the General Manager of a store that has been utilizing The Shopper Stopper process for 15 years. 

Take 104 seconds to let him tell you about it.

Then take 31 seconds to watch the one below featuring Erik Paulson, Vice President of Michael's Toyota of Bellevue, the number one Toyota store in the Portland Region, also a 15 year client.

Our clients have been with us 5, 10, 15 and almost 20 years without contractual commitments.